Are you tired of being defeated, frustrated, and anxious because of food and your shape or weight?

Are you tired of being on and off the diet cycle, never experiencing any lasting results?

Are you sick of turning to food for every reason other than simply for nourishment?

Even though you intend to eat in a healthy and conscious way, are you exhausted because you wake up after a food trance (that is, becoming conscious after a binge and not knowing what just happened)?

Are you done making promises every day to eat differently, hiding from your “trigger foods,” and having rules for yourself about being “good”?

Do you want freedom with food, now and for life?

That was us, and more!!

Susan is a “late in life” mum of 3 who also has an autoimmune disorder.

Ruhi has been a yo-yo dieter especially whilst she was a flight attendant working odd hours. 

Tish was a high flying corporate executive with gut issues and is now a Certified Integrated Health & Wellness Coach specializing in gut health and weight loss who discovered this programme and all 3 sisters have benefitted from it- not to mention the hundreds of clients we have helped.

We don’t believe in periodic diets. People who decide to diet for a month and then quit, are simply losing time and money. Our programme will focus on a lifestyle adjustment towards a healthier living for the rest of your life.  

Along with the nutritional products, we are including a highly-detailed nutrition program that will help you lose your excess weight without doing any harm to your health. The menu plans have been carefully designed by our Qualified Clinical Dietician and Nutritionist.

The first step of the programme will consist of a detox phase, consuming modified calories each day for 30 to 40 days, depending on how much weight you want to lose. After this first stage, we move on to 21 days of “Maintenance”, where the calorie consumption increases.

We’ll be present during the programme execution, checking your weight each morning through a text message. By doing so, we can do the following: 

Do the necessary tweaks to the programme to make it more efficient over time.

Having serious and reliable accountability about your progress, making you feel always accompanied by the experts.

After the 21 days of “Maintenance”, you can go back to day one of detox if you want to lose more weight. At this point, it’s entirely your decision if you wish to continue.

All 3 stages are important for successful weight loss, and if you want to lose more weight you simply go back to step 1 and repeat!

Step 1


This is where you get off the blood sugar roller coaster and get your appetite under control and you start to burn fat. During these three days you will begin your nutritional support, and quickly become a fat burning body rather than a fat storage body. Typically after the second day, your blood sugar levels should start to stabilise, you will begin to overcome food cravings and your body will start to use its fat stores for energy.

Step 2


This is when your body will start to change as a result of burning fat, controlling your food craving and stabilising blood sugar levels and most importantly HORMONES. With food cravings gone and fat burning increased, you will feel greater mental clarity and enjoy the increase in energy. The nutritional support for body and hormonal balance is vitally important. Step 2 is the weight loss stage, but is also vital to improve digestion, heal your gut, and get rid of inflammation in the body. This step lifts a low metabolism, improves the function of phase 1 & 2 of the liver and improves bowel function. This stage is the weight loss but it is also the healing stage, hence mono eating...One protein and one vegetable. The more different foods you put on your plate the more your digestion has to overwork. We need to improve the digestion to absorb nutrients from your food. Step 2 typically lasts 27 days during which time you will likely lose 10-15Kgs (22-33lb). However, there is the option to extend this phase to 37 days for increased weight loss.


Step 3

The Maintenance phase is designed to keep you at your current weight and to keep your hormones in balance – particularly your blood sugar levels. This phase will normally last 21 days… but is designed to teach you how to sustain a healthy lifestyle!

All 3 stages are important for successful weight loss, and if you want to lose more weight you simply go back to step 1 and repeat!

If you've reached your goal weight you simply take the knowledge and tools you've gathered along your journey and implement them into an 80/20 lifestyle. That's 80% of the foods you eat based on step 3 of the programme and 20% whatever else you like. Moderation is key.

This sounds amazing! How much is it?

Pricing starts from $286.45 for the 30 day programme, but this is NOT a monthly fee – depending on how much weight you need to lose you only need to do this once! (Please note: Above pricing does not include Step 3 Maintenance products. Programme pricing may vary due to stock availability. Should an item be out of stock at the time, we will substitute the out of stock item with another alternative supplement. This WILL NOT affect your weight loss.)

Let’s have a look at what you will get with the programme…

Phatt specific core group of nutritional products essential for your 30-day programme.

Phatt approved foods lists. Step 1,2 & 3.  

Phatt Meal plans, Step 2 & 3. Vegetarian meal plans also available. 

Phatt nutrition routine. 

Access to our Members Only Facebook Phatt community groups. 

Access to our Members Only Facebook Phatt recipes group. 





My Phatt journey started on the 24th April 2018. 4 and a bit months later, 17.3kg and 70cm gone for good. I’m currently 59 kgs and have maintained this for 9 weeks.

I must say it’s been a relatively easy few months for me. I was a Sugar addict extraordinaire. NOT NOW!

61 yrs young in less than 3 weeks.

80/20 rule has been how I’ve maintained.

I had chronic respiratory ailments. NOT NOW!
My bloods are down, my skin is glowing, I’ve gone down 3 sizes in undies and from a size 14 to a 8/10 in shirts and pants.

MY OLD CLOTHES DO NOT FIT! Ridiculously large now lol. 
Off to Vinnies they’ll go.
I can now buy off the rack as I know a small will now fit.

Thank you to my ever patient mentor Tish for your support, understanding, knowledge and guidance. I will be forever grateful.

Wendy, VIC

Kindergarten Teacher

11 weeks. 21kgs and 83cms gone forever!  I can hardly get my head around the fast loss!  A quarter of me has gone in just over 2 months!  I didn’t think the menopausal weight was ever going to budge.

I’m an all or nothing gal & once I put my Phatt hat on, that was me .. all in!  So I stuck to the programme 100% (no cheating) I hardly got any hunger pangs or cravings.  My Energy levels went through the roof and my skin looks amazing.  I made it through 4 parties with everyone drinking and eating my favourite food, however I resisted temptation.  Spices/herbs/lemon became my BFF’s and I sorted out food intolerances by elimination.

I believe checking in daily with my wonderful Mentor Susan, helped to hold me accountable.  Thank you, thank you, thank you.  I wasn’t counting on the feeling of confidence that comes with it too.  So many benefits.  xxx


Louise, NZ

I started my Phatt journey in September 2018 as a way of losing my baby weight.  I was 83kg and with a BMI classed as overweight.  I was tired and hungry.

My mentor tailored a programme which for me, was safe to follow.  The weight was falling off each week and I had her support every step of the way.  I have felt supported with my meal plans, my food choices and with the nutritional supplements.

It has been 3.5 months and I’ve lost 9 kilos with another 2 to go to reach the goal of my pre-baby weight.  The programme has been the biggest game changer for me and has allowed me to live my best life.

Sarah, WA

Breastfeeding Mumma

Disclaimer on weight loss and testimonials: Results are not guaranteed and may vary from person to person. Causes for being overweight or obese vary from person to person. Whether genetic or environmental, it should be noted that food intake, rates of metabolism and levels of exercise and physical exertion vary from person to person. This means weight loss results will also vary from person to person. No individual result should be seen as typical.

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